Swarovski Style Teardrop Crystal

Swarovski Style Teardrop Crystal
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This is a beautiful crystal made in Austria. It is 2" long and 7/8" wide at it's widest part. The colors this crystal reflects from the sun are awesome! This genuine, high quality crystal is beautifully designed to reflect the sun into rainbow colors as they hang in your window. Utilizing red thread will also activate/increase the Feng Shui properties. (Red silky ribbon included with each crystal)

According to Feng Shui, no matter what your KUA number, if you use these to activate the SW corner of your bedroom you will have greater harmony and happiness in all your relationships with loved ones. Hanging it in your living room window will bring harmony and happiness to all who live in your home! Whether used as a cure to dispel negative chi or to activate a sector, crystals are a must have for anyone interested in bringing harmony into their homes!
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