Brass Wu Lou Gourd - 3"


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The Wu Lou is modeled after dried gourds, and is associated with the God of longevity (Sau Sing). In ancient China, travelers would cut gourds from the trees and dry them out in order to carry their water on long journeys. The gourd therefore symbolizes long-life, vitality, and good health. Is a great enhancement to your Health and Family Relations Sector. Also helps to keep you in great spirits during long journeys. Made from brass - 3" tall

Where To Place

Place in your Health and Family Relations Sector.

Carry one in luggage or in vehicle when going on a long trip.

You may also consider placing a Wu Lou Gourd at the bedside of an ill person, as long as the bedroom is not in an Earth sector.

What is its Purpose?

Wealth, long life, physical vitality and good health.

Goes Good With

Water and Wood elements

Does not Go Good With

Do not place in an Earth sector because metal weakens earth.

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