Deluxe Doorknob Coins


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These items are made up of 3 imitation chinese coins. The coins themselves are of no monetary value. However, the coins together with the red thread represents abundant wealth according to Feng Shui. The threading is 100% nylon and is very beautiful, silky and shiny. The Deluxe Coins have tassels (red or gold) and goldbeads on them. You really need to see these items to appreciate their beauty. I make these Door Knob coins up myself - to ensure that they fall within Feng Shui guidelines.

NOTE: As these are "one of a kind" items, the actual product you receive may vary from the photo. The basic design is the same. The metal beads will change with each item. I put a great deal of expense, time and positive "chi" (energy) into these items and I am sure you will be pleased with the one you receive. They all measure over 9" in length - ample room to put on a doorknob. You can make it shorter if you wish - depending upon how you want to display it.

Designed and fabricated by Judy.

Where To Place

Door knob of front door - INSIDE of the house.  NEVER place on back door.  NEVER put one on front door AND back door.

What is its Purpose?

This should be placed on front door only.

Goes Good With

To bring prosperity and positive energy "chi" into your home.

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