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Feng Shui Tools ...


Below are some tools that you can use with your Feng Shui practice. I have made the Pakuas myself from a new program I have, so I hope you enjoy them!


KUA Number Generator You can choose to execute this program from my server by clicking open or download the file to your computer for future use by clicking save. Click HERE for more information about using this program. This will show you Lunar months so you can calculate your year of birth correctly!


Pakua for Eight Life Aspirations Use this Pakua for your home. Layout on top of a floor plan and mark off the sectors onto your floor plan. For more infomation on how to do this, purchase our Ebook, "Learn About Feng Shui, Basic Guidelines and Principles" to be walked through step by step on how to do this. You can also get this book - and all others FREE with a lifetime membership purchase.


Use the following Pakuas to activate your personal sectors based on your KUA Number
Pakua for KUA One Pakua for KUA Two
Pakua for KUA Three Pakua for KUA Four
Pakua for KUA Five - Females Pakua for KUA Five Males
Pakua for KUA Six Pakua for KUA Seven
Pakua for KUA Eight Pakua for KUA Nine

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