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Creating a Wealth Vase
I have had a couple of people ask me about wealth vases, so I thought I would give you a few ideas on them. First of all, a wealth vase is a very personal item. For this reason, I do not sell wealth vases on my website. I could easily make one up and put it out there and possibly sell quite a few of them – but I think it needs to be something each individual uses their own imagination and resources on.
A nice crystal bowl is ideal for a wealth vase and is relatively inexpensive. Just keep in mind that the type of element you use for the vase will determine where you place it. So for example, if you use an earth element like crystal or porcelain you need to place it in either the SW corner or NE corner. If you use a metal element vase such as silver, gold, copper or brass, you would place it in the W or NW corner. In it, put your treasures that symbolize wealth to you. Here are a few examples: I-Ching coins (doesn’t matter if they are real or imitation), other coins – I have several silver dollars that were given to me by my Mom when my Dad passed away that I use – semi precious stones – like those found in power bead bracelets – unused jewelry with semi precious or precious stones – real or imitation gold ingots – crystals of any size or shape.
Once you have your wealth vase filled, place it in a cabinet or hidden away somewhere in the corresponding sector either in your bedroom or your home. It is not for others to see.

Setting up Terrapin Bowl
If you are not inclined to have a live turtle, get a ceramic one. Get a small clear glass or crystal bowl and place a mound of rocks/pebbles in it. Then fill the bowl with water, but not all the way up to the top of the mound of rocks. Place the turtle on the rocks. I have a plant with a ceramic turtle setting inside the planter on the dirt. That will work as well.

Aromatherapy and Feng Shui
Aromatherapy is a wonderful part of Feng Shui. It can be used to dispel negative chi from your life and can also be used to promote total well being. Use the following essential oils to achieve the results you want:
Tension: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, and Frankincense
Worry: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Geranium, and Lemon
Anxiety: Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Melissa, and Ylang Ylang
Increase confidence & self-esteem: Rosemary, Lavender, and Fennel
Depression: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Clary Sage
Romance: Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla

Tips for Using Crystals
· Increase the amount of light and therefore the flow of chi in your Wealth Sector by hanging a crystal in a window.
· If you want to attract someone in your life to help and to mentor you, hang a crystal in the Mentors Sector. For a lot of people this can also mean spiritual help.
· The center of the pakua is considered your good luck sector. It is also referred to as the spiritual center, soul center and happiness area. Having crystal objects in this area - especially a crystal chandelier will activate this area and reflect the positive chi throughout your home.
· If you have a stairway going up from your front door, hang a crystal from the ceiling above the bottom step. It is said that chi will be attracted to the crystal instead of to the staircase which is know to be shar chi.
· If your kitchen is visible from the front door, hang a crystal, pair of flutes or a wind chime in front of the kitchen entrance.
· Placing a crystal in the window of your office is said to creative chi that will help you with your thought processes and creativity.
· Soak your crystals in sea salt water for 7 days and nights to wash off any negative energy. It is also recommended that you do this a few times a year. You can purchase sea salt from a health food store.
· If you have a split level home and your living room is on the lower level, you can hang a crystal in the center of the living room to promote the upward mobility of the chi to flow into the rest of your home.
· If you have a long hallway in your home with several doors along it, hang a crystal in the hallway to invite the chi to come down the hallway.

Clear The Clutter
Start the New Year out right by clearing the clutter from your home or office. I have noticed a distinct difference in my thinking abilities when my office is cluttered and when it is not. I also notice a difference in the way my children behave if the house is a little messy or there is excess laundry to do! (Which happens more often than I would like for it to!)
This motto came from a friend - UNLOAD THE OVERLOAD!!! Think about that one and get as "deep" as you want, because it is truly a powerful statement if you think about it!

Dispelling Negative Chi
If you are having a problem with one of your Eight Life Aspirations, use Essential Oils along with your other cures to help dispel the negative chi in that sector of your home. You can do this by lighting a scented candle and / or burning oil in an oil burner or lamp. Do this on a daily basis until the problem is solved. Another method I use is to take a 4-ounce spray bottle and put 3 droppers of oil in it, shake it and spray around the room! Also, if you have trouble sleeping - take a cotton ball and put some lavender essential oil on it. Then dab it onto various spots on your pillowcase - believe me this WORKS! But you need to be careful and not over do it - otherwise you can get a "heady" feeling - but you still go out like a light!

Tips to activate your Romance Sector!
Whether you are in a great relationship, a stagnant relationship or are looking for a NEW relationship, here are some things you can put in your relationship sectors. This can be based on your personal KUA number and/or the layout of your home (Southwest Sector). I encourage you to activate BOTH sectors if relationships are important to you. Display any or a combination of the following: Crystals, pink or red heart shaped items, wedding photos, bridal bouquet, pictures of couples, peonies, love birds, mandarin ducks, marriage and union coin hanger, silk flowers, oil burner using Geranium or Ylang Ylang scents, dragon and phoenix bells or plate, pictures of two peacocks, statuettes of animals that you like, such as dogs, cats, etc. Always display these in pairs. Females may also want to wear jewelry such as quartz crystals, yin yang bracelets or other jewelry that has romance symbolism. Hope that helps! : )

Use of the Buddha in Your Home
For some of us who were raised in a religious environment, placing a Buddha in your home may seem to be a sacrilege. I quickly overcame this when I realized that I do not display the figure as a God to be worshipped - it is merely an enhancement tool - no different from the flowers and plants that I display throughout my home. There are several places where a Buddha can be displayed. Initially, one should place a Buddha directly across from their front door in order to greet the flow of chi and disburse it throughout your home. It should be placed at eye level and never put on the floor. Another very beneficial place for a Buddha would be in your Wealth Sector. I have two different Buddhas in each one of these areas in my home.

With spring coming up, now is a GREAT time to clear your clutter or "unload the overload" as a friend of mine says! Clutter is one of the worst things that you can have in your home to stop or slow down the flow of chi. If chi stagnates, you will have some problems. Check closets, under the bed and in corners - clutter's best places to reside. Rule of thumb…. If you have something hanging around that you have not used in the last year…. get rid of it. Have a nice big garage sale - or sell your items on eBay! This way, you not only get rid of something you are not going to use, but you make a little money in the process! And if you are not inclined to do that, give the items to a worthy cause. We donate a lot of items each year to our local Disabled American Veterans because my husband, father and brothers are all veterans and we hope someone will benefit from it.

Loud Noises to release Chi
If you are having problems with one of your eight life aspirations even after going through your home and activating the appropriate sector with the right objects, you may be experiencing problems because the chi is "stuck" in a corner and can't move. I have read that if you go around to the corners or blocked in areas in that sector and clang two lids from cooking pots together or ring a bell - that will release the chi so it can flow again. I don't know how true this is - it is just something I picked up in my research! : ) Also, lighting a candle or using aromatherapy in that area will help as well.

Educational Luck of Children
If you would like to help your child achieve greater success with his education, place a Crystal Globe on the Northeast sector of the desk or place of study for your child’s academic luck. This is said to increase your child’s knowledge and academic luck in pursuing their education. You can also put this Crystal Globe in the Northwest of your home or office to enhance Networking and mentor luck. Two other items that will also help with your child's education are a pagoda and an elephant.

Use of Windchimes
I have had some questions on the forum about using windchimes in your practice of Feng Shui, so wanted to cover it here as well. Wind chimes are used in two ways - and two different types of windchimes are used. First you have the chimes that have the hollow rods. These chimes are used to channel chi upwards to enhance the properties of an area. When using windchimes to enhance an area, it is best if you can find chimes that match the element of the sector you are enhancing. So Metal chimes for W, NW and N. Ceramic chimes for the SW, NE and good luck center and wooden chimes for the E, SE and S. Then you have the type of chime with solid metal rods (preferably 5). This type of windchime is used to "press down" on negative chi - such as the Nasty Five Yellow star that appears in a different sector each year and is in the SE this year. This will decrease the effectiveness of the 5 yellow star.

Use of Plants in The Home
Plants in the home are considered very auspicious because they produce yang energy to flow through your home. Plants with sharply pointed leaves or spikes (cactus) should be avoided however. Dried flowers represent death and are said to create bad chi, so they are best replaced with silk flowers. If you use real flowers and plants in your home, make sure they are always well maintained and no dead leaves or flowers are allowed to be displayed. Live plants should not be kept in the bedroom because of the yang energy they produce. However, silk flowers are fine to be displayed in the bedroom.

Use of Colors in Your Feng Shui Practice
· Black and blue colors represent water and are best used in the North, East and SE. Black should never be used for ceilings or roofs or in large amounts in an office. Bright water colors should not be used in excess.
· Bright White, gray, bronze, silver and gold are all considered metal colors and work best in the NW and West part of your home.
· Red and shades of red (burgundy, hot pink, pink, maroon, etc) represent fire and are good to use in the South to symbolize fame and recognition.
· Green represents wood and is good to use in the East and SE. Green also symbolizes money. Bright green symbolizes the growth of spring.
· Orange, brown, beige and yellow are all earth colors and work well in the Good luck sector of your home as well as the NW and West.

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