Wealth Ships

In both Feng Shui and Chinese Folklore, a sailing ship is rated second to the dragon as the most popular symbol of prosperity. The symbolism of the sails catching the wind is very auspicious. Filling the ship with gold coins symbolizes the ship bringing wealth to your business or home.

It is best to place the ship just inside the front door of your home or place of business. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have the ship facing so it is sailing into the office or home. (The way this ship is pointing, the front of the ship is facing to the left of your screen). I have two of this type of ship in my home... one by my front door and one right inside the door to my office.

As a special note to this item: I recently visited a local Chinese Restaurant and was astounded by all the Feng Shui items they had. They had a Wealth Ship displayed right inside their front door. By the cash registers they had two of the "Lucky Cats" and there were beautiful bamboo plants placed throughout the restaurant. This made me realize even further that Feng Shui techniques are very important - especially considering that this restaurant is always packed with people! : )

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