Hanging Bells / Chimes

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The purpose of these bells according to Feng Shui is to create good chi (energy) each time someone opens the door. The sound of the bell ringing is symbolic of the coming of prosperity and good news.
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(image for) 24" Wood/Aluminum Windchimes
24" Wood/Aluminum Windchimes


(image for) Copper Toned Windchime
Copper Toned Windchime


(image for) Grand Windchime
Grand Windchime


(image for) Kwan Yin Blessing Bell
Kwan Yin Blessing Bell


(image for) Moon and Stars Windchime
Moon and Stars Windchime


(image for) Pine Windchimes
Pine Windchimes


Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 Products)

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